Saturday, February 8, 2020

Gravel Bike Friday Bike Ride 02-07-20

Paul, the other Chuck and I rode a version of my 58 mile “Gravel Bike Friday” All - Roads ride from Champlin, MN. We headed north to ride some paved and gravel roads of Anoka and Sherburne County. It’s been a couple winter seasons since I’ve led a ride on some of these roads.

There was a thin layer of snow this morning that made any ice underneath very slippery. Today was another day that studded tires were necessary especially when we got to the ice covered gravel roads. Even with 35- 38mm studded tires and after letting out some air there were a few sections where we needed to get off the bikes and walk. Even with the lower tire pressure we were still loosing traction…it was slow going. 

It was 37 miles before we took our break at the Dunn Brothers in Elk River. Everyone had a breakfast sandwich and whatever they wanted to drink…I had a coffee.

Chuck Ryan

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