Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Photo shoot in Key West with Monique Tuya...Chuck Ryan Photography

Well, I haven't posted on my blog for a while. I was on vacation for over a month...gone from 02-06-14 until 03-08-14. Once I got back home I post processed 5 different shoots.

I took two days to drive to Allentown, PA to attend a Beauty and Glamour Photography workshop at the home of Joe Edelman. The workshop was held Saturday, 02-08-14 and Sunday, 02-09-14. When the workshop was over I drove another two days to Cape Coral, FL where I stayed a few days before spending 18 days in Key Colony Beach in the Florida Keys. Then it was back to Cape Coral for a couple days before heading back to Minnesota.

While down in The Keys I was searching for something on my internet when I came across the Florida Keys Model/Photography Network group on Facebook. I decided to join this group and was quickly accepted. The next morning I had a message from Monique Tuya who was a member of the group. She welcome me to the group in her message. We eventually made plans meet on Saturday, 02-22-14, in Key West to do a photo shoot.

We didn't have any real plans for the shoot...we just planned to walk the streets of Key West to see what we could get. Although I planned to bring my Elinchrom Quadra lights for getting some shots at sunset. There was no room in my Suburban for me to bring my Multi-cart from home, but I had my dolly. The dolly/handtruck worked but it was not very practical if I wanted to shoot with my lights in several locations. Next time I will make room somehow to bring the Multi-Cart.

More images of Monique...HERE

Sarah (L) and Monique (R)

Monique Tuya

Chuck Ryan Photography

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CIIcanoe (Blog)

Chuck Ryan Photography (Model Mayhem)

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