Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Minnesota Renaissance Festival / 09-15-12

On Saturday, 09-15-12, I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for the third time this year. I take my camera and just walk around for the day. I don't have an agenda on what I want to see when I go...maybe I should. It's hit or miss on what I end up photographing. Although I do stay for the "Drum Jam" at the end of the day to get some dancing images. Thank you ladies.... 

These are the first images from the Renaissance Festival this year that I've posted on my website. A lot of these images have been posted on Facebook, but there are many more images that I haven't posted anywhere. Previously I've also posted some images on my FB wall from the other two days I went to the festival, but I still need to go through all those images before I put them up on my website. Eventually I'll get to them...

I have a link after these posted images  to the gallery for 09-15-12. There is another link to other festival galleries from last year as well...

I'll probably go to the festival one or two more times before the last day on 09-30-12.

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