Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brenna Warren / Stone Arch Bridge Area / Minneapolis

Earlier another photographer, Bill Houlton, and I signed up for a photo shoot for Sunday, 09-09-12, through a local photography club. I've been to the location where this group was going to meet a couple times so I wasn't all that excited to go again. There were going to be 100 or so other people so another reason I wasn't too excited to go.

 I asked Bill if I got a model to shoot if he would want to go down to the Stone Arch Bridge area for a photo shoot instead of the other photo shoot on Sunday. He was agreeable...

I posted on my Facebook wall that I was looking for a model for either Saturday, 09-08-12 or Sunday, 09-09-12 to go to the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. Brenna Warren was the first model to respond. Brenna told me she could do it on Saturday. I've photographed Brenna before at the studio. "Brenna Studio Images"

I looked at the weather for Saturday evening and the temperature was going to be much cooler that a week ago when I was there with another model, Eden Alemayehu, and photographer, Doug Juenemann. It was in the low 80's, warm and no wind...

On Saturday I checked the weather...although it was going to be in the low 70's at 5 pm when we going to start, but the wind was up around 17 mph. Good thing I had another photographer around to hold the light stand. It was supposed to drop to the low 60's, but with the wind it would be cool for the model standing around. I asked Brenna to bring a jacket...I also had a blanket in the Suburban that I planned to take with us to wrap around Brenna in case she needed to change. She ended up wrapping her self in the blanket a couple times to stay warm. 

I made arrangement to meet Brenna Warren at my studio then we would drive to the Stone Arch Bridge and meet up with Bill. 

It was too windy to set up my lights on the bridge so we walked down below. I told Bill and Brenna that the wind was supposed to die down at sunset. Well, if it did I couldn't tell...

Below are some of the images I took during the evening...Thank you Brenna for a fun evening...we will do it again might be cool when we do it again but maybe it will be calm out! Thanks Bill for coming along and holding the light stands when needed...most of the time. Bill got to shoot, too!

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