Friday, June 10, 2011

Smokin' in Steele Day 2 Miscellaneous Photos

Here are a few miscellaneous photos from Day 2 of the Smokin' in Steele BBQ & Blues Fest. I worked the evening before so I couldn't make Day 1.

Steve Dancin' Hanson of the Sena Ehrhardt Band had his hands behind his back when I saw him. He asked me to guess what he had behind his back. Unbelievable, but I got it on my first guess....I said, a tree!

By the way congratulations to the Sena Ehrhardt Band for their recent signing with Blind Pig Records.
Dew Wiuff of the Minnesota Blues Club

Mike Fugazzi giving some harmonica lessons.

Another photographer


Boom Boom Steve V with his wife

Kim Buell...oh, look...she's dancing again!!
Smokin' in Steele Day 2 Gallery

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