Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Irresistibles

Earlier in the week my friend, Kim, asked me where I was going to go and listen to music this week-end. I told her I probably wouldn't go anywhere on Friday, but on Saturday I might go see Mick Sterling and The Irresistibles. I've never seen him or them.

Kim told me they had two female singers. That was the extent of what I knew about them.

I worked on images all day and finally decided to get out of the house, so I drove to Wilebski's to check out the band.

I got there early and saw Lighting Joe Peterson walk in. Joe used to play with the Scott Holt Band. We spoke briefly before he went to set up.

Then I saw who I thought was Katie Gearty walk in the Saloon and look around. It appeared this was her first time in the venue. Once the music started, Mick, said this was Katie Gearty's first night with the band. I know Katie sang for Steve Clarke and The Working Stiffs in the past. She still may...but I never spoke to her to find out.

Well, with nine people on stage it's a challenge to take photos. These are what I got...

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