Monday, April 18, 2011

RJ Mischo

On Friday, 04-15-11, I went down to Wilebski's Blues Saloon to see Candye Kane. RJ Mischo was scheduled to play during the breaks and before closing.

I got to Wilebski's just before 07:30 pm and saw that nothing was set up on the stage. I went back to the person taking the money and ask if they were going to have some music tonight and two people said there was. Bands start playing at Wilebski's at 07:30 pm, so I know if would be a while before any music started. These two people never told me that Candye Kane was going to be late.

I sat around for a bit and almost decided to back home, before another employee mentioned to me that Candye Kane's flight had been delayed. I still didn't know if Candye Kane would be playing tonight or not.

Anyways, RJ Mischo and Jeremy Johnson set up and began playing first. RJ Mischo used to live in the Twin Cities, but now lives in Arkansas. He was back in town and played a few different venues during the past week.

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