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New Year's Blues Bash 2010

New Year’s Blues Bash 2010

Here you go Roz....and to the others wanting to know...I’ve decided to post some photos from the evening!

The 2010 New Year’s Blues Blues Bash was held at the Ramada Mall of American. I know why it was held here, but for a photographer the setting wasn’t very interesting. There wasn’t really any way to not capture the drop ceiling in many of the images. I started to go through the images right after the event, but I couldn’t get myself to go through all of them let alone think about posting them.

Since then some people have asked me if I was ever going to post them. One person, Roz, who was at the Blues Bash event and who’s on the board for the Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society, asked me at the GOOT fundraiser held in January at the Whiskey Junction, if I was going to post them. I briefly told her why I hadn’t posted them, but I also told her I was thinking about it. I said I would probably do so, but in the back of my mind I wasn’t too sure. Well...I’m going to post them. I’ve decided to do so because there are some people who were at the event who actually want to see them. So this is for them!! Also, this was the drummers last performance with the Lamont Cranston Band.

Now...let me say this was an excellent line-up. Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Alter Boys and Lamont Cranston Band played upstairs. An added bonus was that Bruce McCabe played with both bands. These two bands are very similar in style and are a perfect match. I also enjoyed it when the Rev and Big Al (Groth) on sax played with the Lamont Cranston Band later on in the evening. This brought back memories of the ole Lamont Cranston Band. Excellent!!!!

Downstairs the Everett Smithson Band were playing. I went downstairs to check them out while Lamont Cranston was setting up. It was really dark downstairs so my shots were very limited. There was no way I could get Bill on bass and Jeremy on drums. Simply too dark.

I was the “sober driver” for my little group. I picked up Grace aka Slick before going to the event. Kim had planned her annual birthday party with some friends prior to this event being posted, so she needed to be present for her party. She told me she would try to come to the event, but she wasn’t too sure. I can’t remember when Kim arrived at the Ramada, but when I saw her she had some silly red hat on and dancing. Can you imagine that...Kim dancing! :) Actually it’s tough for her not to dance. I drove both Slick and Kim back to their homes safely on this very, cold evening/morning.

If you can block out looking at the ceiling in these images I think you’ll enjoy them.

Lamont Cranston Band

Reverend Raven and the CSAB

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