Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some behind the scene shots...

at the Jackson Street Roundhouse on Sunday, 04-18-10. See the post below for some actual photographs.

above, Here is Kurt Schumacher, seated, looking at the light from the Alien Bee. He's telling Bill Houlton that the light is too bright.
Bill told Kurt to move so he could see for himself. Yep, you're right, that light is too bright!!
Bill Houlton and Joe Mamer telling secrets or maybe checking the Pocket Wizard out.
Bill Houlton showing Kurt the picture he just took. I decided to take their photo setting off the lights.
Eric, a volunteer at the Jackson Street Roundhouse, is put to work holding a diffuser over Tricia Anne for another group of shooters.
Another Eric, guy f-stop, taking a photo of Tricia Anne. The other Eric's arms must have gotten tired holding the diffuser in the air above Tricia Anne.


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