Saturday, March 24, 2018

Osceola 2 Luck Winter Adventure

 Osceola 2 Luck Winter Adventure

Saturday, 03-03-18 

 Paul and Catherine would join me on this ride that started from Oakey Park in Osceola, WI. I've been wanting to ride this route again with some snow on the ground, because it certainly gives the ride a different feel. I last rode this route with just a little bit of snow at the end of October last year with Rob and Gene. Blog Post Here

I actually drove the route 2 to 3 weeks earlier to check on the road conditions. Between mile 5 and 15 it would have been some slow going winter road biking conditions as the roads had snow and ice over almost all of this distance. Then there were several other spots along the route where caution would need to be taken due to other icy areas where the snow had melted by the side of the road and froze again on the roadway... especially on some of the hills. It would have been possible to ride the route, but it definitely would have taken more time to complete the ride.

Based upon the road conditions from earlier we all rode our bikes with studded tires, although today we could have done the ride without studs. Only if we knew beforehand, but we got a good workout riding on the studded tires.

We took a break at about the 43 mile mark at the Cafe Wren in Luck.  Nice little place for a hot meal...and some coffee.

We saw lots of different wildlife today. We saw were some turkeys, eagles, Trumpeter Swans and at least 8 deer along the River Road heading toward St. Croix Falls. Catherine also saw an otter on the ice next to some open water.

It certainly was a good day for a bike ride.  Thanks to Paul and Catherine for riding with me today. 
Oakey Park
Catherine and Paul

Me and Paul

Catherine and her new friend...

Bike at the Cafe Wren in Luck, WI

The route... 81 miles today

 Chuck Ryan

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