Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Four March 2018 TCBC bike rides...

 Here are a couple more Twin Cities Bicycling Club organized bike rides. On Saturday, 03-10-18, Paul, Rick and I rode my, Going Somewhere Saturday, bike ride from Trailhead Cycling in Champlin, MN.

This ride took us to the east toward Forest Lake, Wyoming and Stacy before heading back toward Champlin. Rick rode with Paul and I to just short of our first stop at Starbuck's Coffee in Forest Lake. Rick ended up the day with 53 miles.

Right after break Paul and I found a couple miles of ice packed gravel roads to ride before heading east of Wyoming, MN.

Our second break was at the Bridge Street Coffee Box in Oak Grove, MN.

Paul and I ended the day with 87 miles.

Paul and Rick at the Coon Rapids Dam, 03-10-18

Mississippi River

Paul and Rick, 03-10-18

Paul and I, 03-10-18

Bridge Steet Coffee Box, 03-10-18

On 03-14-18, Paul rode with me on my "Mild Weather Wednesday" ride. During our ride we had to have seen around 100 Trumpeter Swans. Today's ride was 62 miles long.

Paul looking over the Mississippi River in Ostego, MN on 0314-18

Paul checking out a couple Swans on 03-14-18

On Saturday, 03-17-18, Paul, Rick and I rode another version of my Going Somewhere Saturday bike ride. This time the ride took us to Maple Plain, Rockford, Buffalo, St. Michael and back to the start in Champlin. I knew ahead of time that Rick wasn't going to do the complete 102 mile route, so he headed back once we got to Rockford. Paul and I continued on toward Buffalo while riding a few more miles of new gravel roads before taking our second break at Dunn Brothers in Buffalo.

About a half hour into the ride we saw several deer start to cross CR 81, but all they did was stop traffic in both directions before they changed their direction and went back the direction from where they came.

Rick took a picture of Paul and I at the Blackwater Cafe in Maple Plain on 03-17-18

The route on 03-17-18
On 03-21-18, Paul showed up to ride another version of my "Mild Weather Wednesday" ride. Today's ride was 61 miles.
We found this interesting guy standing along the side of the road on 03-21-18.

Paul decided to go over and strike up a conversation after having seen him waving at us, 03-21-18

Throughout the winter we have been seeing a lot of Trumpeter Swans. They usually are flying, in the field some distance away or if they are pretty close they fly off shortly after seeing us and I usually can't get my phone out in time. Today we saw these 4 swans in the field so I got out my phone and walked their direction. I was ready for them to fly away, but they never did. Below are the same swans...I asked Paul to go over and pet them :)

Chuck Ryan

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