Monday, November 6, 2017

Crow-Creek All Roads Bike Ride

Paul L. and Rick B. showed up on Sunday, 11-05-217 for my new bike ride, Crow-Creek All-Roads,  from Trailhead Cycling in Champlin, MN. This ended up being a 59 mile ride with about 51 miles of paved roads and 8 miles of some soft sand/dirt/gravel roads due to the recent melted snow and rains.

Temperature was at about 32 /33 degrees at the start, but it felt much cooler because of the strong NW winds we pretty much faced to St. Micheal at the 31 mile mark. When we got to St. Micheal we warmed up with a cup of coffee at Dunn Brothers. The only thing missing at Dunn Brothers is that they didn't have the fire place going.

 When we got back on the road again it was mostly with a tailwind, so we were back to the ride start in what seemed too be a much shorter time. It helped that we only had 2 miles of unpaved roads back to the start.

Thank you to Paul and Rick for coming to the ride. It was fun. A good day for a bike ride!

Rick (L) Paul (R). This was about a half mile into our first section of unpaved roads.This is an E-W road, so we stopped where the majority of the wind was blocked by the conifers in the background.

Paul (L) Me (R). Taken on the Historic Bridge built in 1885 over the Crow River in Hanover, MN.

Rick (L) Paul (R)
Chuck Ryan


Johnny said...

It looks like my kind of ride. I wish I had the day off so that I could join you!

CIIcanoe said...

It was a fun day. Although, any day on a bike is a good day. I have other similar rides of a little shorter duration that I have led in the past. Not to sure when I'll post them, but probably after the ground freezes.