Monday, November 27, 2017

Winter Bru Ride 11-25-17 / "Elements" Ride 11-26-17

On Saturday, 11-25-17, I led my new Winter Bru Ride which was a 32 to 50 mile ride. We started from Dunn Brothers on Lake St and the River Road in Minneapolis. There were 9 of us for the 32 mile loop with only Paul and I doing the full second loop giving us 50 miles for the day.

We took our break at the Bru House Coffee Shop in New Brighton. Nice little neighborhood coffee shop.

This was before Saturday's ride at the Dunn Brothers. Starting on the left...Liesa, Nelson, Paul, me and Mason.
Bru House Coffee...Liesa jumped out of the picture :) That's her muffin next to her water bottle....

That's Mason looking at his phone. He signed up to join the club just before the ride. He was looking at his phone and realized his phone stopped tracking the ride.

Our bikes lined up in front of the Bru House Coffee Shop.

 On Sunday, 11-26-17, I led another ride from Trailhead Cycles in Champlin. This was another newer 43 mile route going north into Anoka County. Rick and Peggy showed up for this ride.

Rick and Peggy at the Coon Rapids Dam on the Mississippi River.

Me and Peggy

Me and Rick

Rick and Peggy again...

I decided to stop along the Rum River in Anoka to show Peggy and Rick one of the stone structures that Thaddeus Gidding built in the 1920's. This is the last of three structures standing. It's above my Seven Evergreen in the middle of the picture.

We got stopped by the train just before the old Anoka Asylum later called the Anoka State Hospital that first opened in 1900. It's now closed and boarded up.

The trail along Trott Brook ended because of the housing construction taking place. 

 Chuck Ryan

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