Thursday, May 8, 2014

MMA: MECCA IV at the MUSE in Minneapolis

On Saturday, 04-26-14, I went to the MUSE Entertainment Center to photograph Driller and Sterling Entertainment Groups MMA event: MECCA IV. 
I've never photograph at the MUSE before so I had no idea how the lighting was going to be. Sometimes its hard to tell until shortly before the event is going to start. 
Well, the lighting was the worst I've been to for shooting for a Sterling Entertainment Group event. Many times for these MMA events in the smaller venues I will shoot at ISO 10,000, f/ 2.8 with a shutter speed of 1/1000. Not this night...I was changing my ISO from 16,000 to 51,200 with a varying shutter speed of around 1/320 to 1/500. I figured I wouldn't get many decent images...and I was right. 
I initially posted a couple images from the main event, Nate Howe vs Ben Smith, on my Charles W. Ryan II Facebook page. I wasn't going to post anymore images from the event because they aren't that great, but I eventually decided to post them after people were looking for the links. 
Later, I was told the lighting person for the MUSE didn't show up. There is another event at the MUSE on June 13th. There are additional lights, but I'm not sure how well the cage will be lighted because the lights are set up for stage lighting.  The images that I posted in this blog post are of Nate Howe vs Ben Smith from the Main Event. This was one exciting fight for the fans...not so much for the fighters. Ben Smith came away with the win.

Here is a recap of the fights from MN MMA News   


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