Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sena Ehrhardt Band / Whiskey Junction

Sena Ehrhardt Band, Blind Pig Recording Artist, were playing at the Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis on Saturday, 11-26-11. A day or two before they were scheduled to play Sena messaged me letting me know the band would be playing in my neighborhood.

I wasn't sure if I would make it since I had a photo shoot all day at the studio, but I was going to try and make it. It had been a couple months since I last saw everyone.

This summer I went to several "Blues Festivals" and the band played at several that I attended. Steve Dancin' Hansen jokingly posted on Facebook that we should ride together to the Bayfront Blues Festival since we were always going to the same ones.

Sena Ehrhardt Band put out a CD, Leave The Light On, this summer...if you get a chance pick up a copy at their next won't be disappointed in either the performance or the CD!!

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