Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blue Rodeo / Thunder Bay Blues Festival

Blue Rodeo was the headliner for the 3rd and final night of the Thunder Bay Blues Festival. Buddy Guy was the headliner the night before. Little did I know that this band had such a following in Canada and that the festival grounds would be extremely packed to see them.

My shot angles were limited since I was on the back side of the barrier ...pushed right up to it. My three lady friends, who I met over the past three days, allowed me to move a couple feet around them in my hopes to capture a good shot. It was just too crowded to really move much! Unfortunately, when Jim Cuddy and the others began moving about I wasn't able to get a decent action shot without a mic stand in front or other band members in the background.

I don't know who she is (below) , but her credentials said she was with the band. It would have been nice to be in her shoes to capture some different angle shots of the band. I would be interested to see what shots she got!

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