Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sharee Buell

About a week ago Sharee invited me to go to Wilebski's Blues Saloon to listen to her sing since I miss her sing at another location. So last night I met Sharee, her mother, Kim, and her brother, Josh, there. It was open mic night so when Sharee got there she added her name to the list.

During the first break Sharee went up and talked to Tim O'Brien who just got done playing as he was the person who was running open mic this night. Sharee asked him if it would be ok for her to sing A Cappella. She was very happy when he told her yes!

I took a few photos of Sharee while her mother took a video. Sharee actually just planned to sing one song, but the crowd was yelling for one more. She sang a second original song.

Sharee...thank you for inviting me! You were awesome!!

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