Monday, July 12, 2010

Dragon Festival 2010

This past week-end, July 10 & 11, 2010 the 2010 Dragon Festival was held in St. Paul a Lake Phalen. There were dragon boat races, different Asian traditional dances, vendors and food.
I went on Sunday which was a little bit cooler, but not by much. There were more clouds, but the sun was hot once it came from behind the clouds. I had no plans of attending, but I decided to go at the last minute; since I haven’t been able to get out and shoot. Work has been getting in the way! 
Since I wasn’t part of any photography group I wasn’t able to get up close to the Dragon boats. There were a couple different photography groups who had posted this information but since I didn’t sign up I was given any pass to get up close to the boats.
 I had a good time! I spent most of my time taking photos of the young dancers from the  different dance groups doing traditional Asian dances in their colorful costumes. 
There were times where I would walk around and take some candid shots as well. All these shots were taken in natural light.
I have more photos from the Dragon Festival here.

More photos from the 2010 Dragon Festival are posted on Chuck Ryan Photography

Update 07-14-10: The Dragon Festival used two of my photos on their website. Besides giving me credit they were kind enough to put a link to my photos that I took at the festival. Click on the link here then click on the photos on the right side of their webpage under 2010 Photos and Videos.


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