Monday, June 21, 2010

Zanell and "R"

Yesterday, Sunday, 06-20-10, four of us went to Ft. Snelling State Park for our monthly Strobist meet.

We had three models. Most of the shots were action related. Toward the end three of the photographers were setting up the light to shoot one of the models riding a bike.

I grabbed Zanell and used my 28" x 28" Westcott Apollo softbox with my SB-900 speedlight. Triggered with Pocket Wizards II. This was the second shoot with the softbox. I really like this softbox.

The softbox was on camera left. (above)
Here is "R" doing something I could only do by accident, but I wouldn't be landing on my feet like he did. There was a bare SB-900 speedlight to the front and up high. Two more SB-800 speedlights to the rear with one on each side.
above, softbox on camera left.

I just started working on the photos tonight. I will add more when I have time.


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