Monday, May 31, 2010

Brother & Sister...

On Saturday, May 29, 2010, Chris Gerber and I planned to get together at his place to do a little photo shoot. Chad Davey was also invited to come along.

Chris had been planning to do a shoot with JeAnn Graham for awhile.

Chris had plans for shooting JeAnn inside this home, while I had use of his garage.

About three months ago I bought some studio lights and some modifiers. I bought some Elinchrom RX600 monlights using the Skyport trigger system. A couple weeks ago I was finally able to use the lights and the 27" beauty dish.

I bought some other light modifiers that I also wanted to try out. I had a 53" deep octabox, 27" x 27" softbox and a 14" x 35" strip light that needed some use.

I made arrangement with Shelley H., who works where I work, to bring Ashley to the shoot. I've photgraphed Ashey a few other times, but this time Shelley was going to bring her youngest son, Tyler.

This would be Tyler's first time having his photos taken with off camera lighting.

The photo of Ashley, below, was done inside with a Elinchrom RX600 with the 27" x27" softbox.

It was a full day of shooting. It was an extremely hot day to be in the sun as it got to the mid 90's.

Thanks Chris for the use of your home for the photo shoot.

The photos with the white background were done with a Elinchrom RX600 with the 53" Octabox with just the internal baffle on camera right. Another RX600 to the rear on camera left with the strip light. I used two SB-900 Nikon speedlights in slave mode to light the background. Some of the photos had the speedlights set at full power and some were taken at half power.

The photo of Ashley, below, was taken using an Alien Bee ringflash.

The next two photos of Tyler with taken with the RX600 and the 53" Octabox.

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