Monday, May 17, 2010

Ben Zvan's High-end Photoshoot

On Sunday, 05-17-10, several of us got together for Ben Zvan’s High-end photo shootout at the Minnnesota Wing Commemoraative Air Force. in South St.Paul.

There were 13 photographers and about 6 models. Joe Mamer, Andy and I shot together. I was finally able to use my new Elinchrom RX600 strobes and a 27” beauty dish. I have three softboxes as well, but they will be used indoors. The beauty dish doesn’t blow around as much in the wind.

Our first model to shoot was Rachel . This was the first time meeting Rachel. She was a pleasure to shoot.

The next location had us with Catherine . This was the first time I’ve met Catherine as well.

The third station was already set up with a jeep and pink background paper. This was going to be the pin-up shoot. By the time we got there the model who had been there was leaving.

Rachel was going to switch places. Rachel had only a jacket with some nylons. She had a hard time moving around in the jeep, so she needed to change into something, well lets say, comfortable. While Rachel was changing Amy Stine stepped in for her. Once Rachel was done changing both Amy and her posed for us in and around the jeep. I,ve been to about three oter shoots with Amy. In fact it has been a year. The first time I met her was last year at this same place.

Afterwards we shot Amy by another aircraft. We had about 6 hours of shooting. The weather cooperated , also. Fun was had by all or at least I think so.

The Elinchrom lights with the Skyports worked out very well. It was nice to be able to adjust both lights from the camera without having to constantly drop the lights down then raise them back up.

I only have a few photos done right now. I will get some more up when I get some time. I’m still very busy with work. I usually am one of the first to get the models their photos, but me being so busy at work it might be a little longer.

Thank you to all that participated on Sunday.

Flickr MN Strobistis where to find more photos.


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