Sunday, December 6, 2009

Photos from the Near North Symposium

Yesterday, 12-05-09, I attended the Minnesota Canoe Association's (MCA) 2009 Near North Symposium

I took a few photos of some of the speakers who attended the symposium. These photos are grainy as I needed to shoot with 6400 ISO.

Left to Right: Gary Hennes (MCA Membership Director), Zoe Kesselring, Rob Kesselring, Cliff Jacobson, Bear Paulson (Midwest Mountaineering), Randy Strobel and Fred "Jacques" Shermock.

Fred actually didn't give his talk. Cliff was on a roll talking about how to "out-fox bears" and when Cliff's time was out Fred hollered from the audience to keep on going.

I agree, move everyday!!

Randy Strobel

Cliff, Gary and Bob O'Hara. Bob was there to give away one ticket to his Far North Symposium held in the spring. Bob has done many trips north of the 60.

Phil Cotton aka Uncle Phil. Phil is with The Wabakimi Project. I am a contributor to this project.



Unknown said...

Those are some great pictures - no need to apologize! I hope you enjoyed the presentations.

Gary Hennes, Membership Director
Minnesota Canoe Association, Inc.

CIIcanoe said...

Joe Conrad, MCA Webmaster and Director, sent me an e-mail:

Nice Pics, Chuck. Your posting is even faster than your paddle stroke! ....and, like a good newsman, you have all the names.

All wilderness paddlers and especially those who travel in Wabakimi must thank you for the coverage.

The Minnesota Canoe Association Directors certainly thank you.

Joe Conrad, webmaster at

Anonymous said...

Isn't it cool having a college prof who is techno-savvy and can keep us geezers smiling with instant photo posts like these? Way to go, Joe!
"Bear Hugs",

Cliff Jacobson
MCA Member since 1973

UncleTom said...

Nice summary of an enjoyable day Chuck - thanks for doing this! Maybe see you north and west of Armstrong Station somewhen

UncleTom said...

...way to go Chuck - nice pics, good text to go along with it! Maybe see you north and west of Armstrong sometime...

Unknown said...

got a PM from one of the well known names on the canadian side wanting to know if we/me/you would be interested in giving a presentation on the 21 day trip at the canoe symposium in toronto the first week in february. i'm in florida and said i would forward the request to you. email me. dave

CIIcanoe said...


I received a PM from George Luste last night, also. I'll be sending you an e-mail.

Hope Florida is nice and warm. I'll be heading down to SW Florida and the Keys in Feb./March