Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I received an e-mail from Claire Quewezence , Assistant Park Superintendent with Woodland Caribou PP.

Hi Chuck,

Just wanted to extend our good holiday wishes to you and your family on behalf of the park staff at Woodland Caribou Prov. Park. Good food, great company, plenty of good laughs and tender moments… may this season be meaningful in every way.

Here attached is the newly released park tabloid (=2010 information guide) for your reading pleasure.

Thanks again for taking the time to share of your canoeing adventures in the park this past summer. We appreciated your detailed blog report. Feel free to share the park newsletter with friends who may have an interest in visiting the park.

Once again, we are slated to attend the Canoecopia show in Madison and the Outdoor Adventure show in Minneapolis this spring. This year, we teamed up with Mr. Martin Kehoe for our presentations.

Perhaps we will see you at one of these shows.

Safe travels, good health, all the good stuff in the New Year. May the daydreaming of your next canoeing / camping trips begin.

Claire Quewezence

Assistant Park Superintendent

Woodland Caribou Prov. Park

Box 5003, 227 Howey Street

Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0

Tel: (807) 727-1388


I put the Woodland Caribou Tabloid up on google docs, but the document is too large to post on my blog. I'll try to figure something out.

Other News:

Dave and I were invited by George Luste to come to Toronto to give a presentation on our 21 Day Canoe Trip to the "Little North" at the Wilderness Canoe Symposium

I've turned it down although I thought about doing it. Reality set in when I saw it's just under a 1000 mile drive one way and the fact I didn't think I was prepared. This event is Feb. 5th & 6th. I also will be driving to Florida a couple weeks later. Dave would be in Florida so he wasn't available.

I've been a member of the Wilderness Canoe Association:

Wilderness Canoe Association


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