Saturday, November 28, 2009

What I did today...

Well, I hate to say it but most of my day was spent at the computer writing. I finally had some time and I was in the mood to start writing my trip report from our "21 Day Canoe Trip to the "Little North" from Aug/Sept of this year. Well, I'm on page 15, but there will be many more. I have no time frame when I'll finish it.

I don't know what I name the trip report but I keep referring to it as "21 day canoe trip to the "Little North", so who knows....

I had processed all my photos that I was going to put with this report. I had backed them up on another external hard drive before my other computer crashed so they should still be there. If not I saved the SD cards.

I mentioned that my pc broke down a month ago or so. I have a new Mac Pro computer that I'm using now. I was used to Microsoft Word, but now I'm using Apple's iPages to write this report.

Besides learning the features of the Mac platform, I'm learning Adobe Lightroom 3 (beta) and I just bought Photoshop cs4. I tried working in photoshop the other day and I was overwhelmed. I think that could be the reason I was in the mood to start writing my trip report. It was avoidance of Photoshop cs4.

So far I really like Lightroom 3.

I also have a Smug Mug pro account that I received in September when I attended an Essential Lighting workshop. Now I have to find time to figure out how to set that up.

Well, I'm only rambling so I done for now.



Rory said...

Hey, Chuck.
I'm looking forward to your trip report, whenever you finish it. If you recall, I questioned you about your tripping footwear on How did the OTBs perform?


CIIcanoe said...


Thanks for checking out my blog! Yes, I do remember your question on . It's not that I wasn't going to respond, but I was going to put it in my trip report.

Since I just started my trip report and I have a ways to go on it I'll quickly answer your question, hopefully, later tonight. I'm planning to being gone most of the day.

I noticed that you are from the Detroit area. I grew up in Flint and suburb area from the age of 5 to 17. The second day after high school graduation I got the hell out of there.

I'll probably post my answer on the OTB boots on my blog and then link it back to the thread on

I'm planning on attending the Near North Symposium here in Minneapolis later today.


CIIcanoe said...


I posted on my blog today,12-05-09, my thoughts about the OTB Odhin boots.

I didn't post it on