Monday, November 2, 2009

Model Mayhem #1428967

I'm now up on Model Mayhem. It took a little over a week from the time I send them my info to the time I was approved on Friday.

Here is the link: Chuck Ryan Photography

I looked at my page quickly only once before my computer completely died. I knew I needed a new computer but I was hoping it would have lasted a couple more months. I was going to add more info to the site, but now it'll have to wait.

My Dell Computer was six years old. I'm planning on switching over to Apple. I would never buy another Dell computer again, because of their lousy customer service.

I won't be able to order the new computer for a couple more weeks. Then I have to order Photoshop for the Mac platform, etc.

Yesterday I took some photos during a shoot with the Twin Cities Photography Club. I told some of the models about my computer dying so it would be a while before I got them any photos. I will get them to you. Sorry for the delay!


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Unknown said...

Nice blog.

The Model Network sends forth our congratulations to the newly crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih whom we officially welcome into our community.

View Rima's screen shot here:

And her online photo shoot at this link: