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A while back I had posted on a website some of the books I had that pertained to paddling and since I updated it I thought I would post it here. These are most of the paddling books. I have many more books that aren't on this list ,but they'll have to wait another day.

There are a couple books that I read that I borrowed that I can recall off the top of my head.
The Land of Feast and Famine was an outstanding read by Helge Ingstad and the other one I remembering reading over 10 years ago or so was The Last Wilderness by Peter Browning.
The List:

The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America by Edwin Tappan Adney and Howard I. Chapelle

Lob Trees in the Wilderness, The Human and Natural History of the Boundary Waters by Clifford & Isabel Ahlgren

Distant Fires by Scott Anderson

How to Stay Alive in the Woods by Bradford Angier

Northern Sasktchewan Canoe Trips by Laurel Archer

Experience the Tradition- The First Fifty Years AuSable River Canoe Marathon

The Tradition Endures-Sixty Years of the AuSable River Canoe Marathon featuring the Races 1998-2007

By Water & Rail, A History of Lake County, Minnesota by Hugh E. Bishop

Narrative of the Artic Land Expedition to the mouth of the Great Fish River and along the Shores of the Artic Ocean in the years 1833, 1834, and 1835 by George Back

Two in a Red Canoe- Our Journey Down the Yukon by Megan Baldino and Matt Hage

Idleness, Water, and a Canoe –Reflections on Paddling for Pleasure by Jamie Benidickson

Stories in Log and Stone , The Legacy of the New Deal in Minnesota State Parks by David R. Benson

Boundary Waters Canoe Artea Volume 1 & 2 by Robert Beymer (1995 and 2006 editions)

A Paddler’s Guide to Quetico Provincial Park by Robert Beymer

Portage into the Past- by canoe along the Minnesota-Ontario Boundary Waters by J. Arnold Bolz

The Complete Snow Camper’s Guide by Raymond Bridge

Carefree Canoeing in Florida , A Guide to Trails and Outfitters on Florida’s Scenic Waterways by Brooksie and John Bergen

Artic Journal by Bern Will Brown

Artic Journal II- A Time for a Change by Bern Will Brown

Quetico and Beyound by Kevin Callan

A Guidebook for the Development of Marathon Canoe Racing Technique- Canadian Canoe Association

The Florida Keys Environmental Story, A Panorama of the Environment, Culture and History of Monroe County,. Florida

Ely Echos- The Portages Grow Longer by Bob Cary

Tales from JackPine Bob –Life in the Northwoods by Bob Cary

Root Beer Lady by Bob Cary

Voyage of a Summer Sun- Canoeing the Columbia River by Robin Cody
Black Spruce Journals- Tales of Canoe Tripping in the Maine Woods, the Boreal Spruce Forest of Northern Canada and the Barren Grounds by Stewart Coffin

Beyond the Paddle- A Canoeists’ Guide to Expedition Skills: Poling, Lining, Portaging and Maneuvering through Ice by Garrett Conover

Snow Walker’s Companion –Winter Camping Skills of the North by Garrett & Alexandra Conover
The Ax Book-The Lore and Science of the Woodcutter by Dudley Cook

Moving Waters by Sam Cook

Our Wounded Wilderness – The Great Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Story by Jim Cordes

Great Heart- The History of a Labrador Adventure by James West Davison and John Rugge

The Complete Wilderness Paddler- James West Davidson and John Rugge

Canoeing Michigan Rivers by Jerry Dennis and Craig Date

Indian Rock Paintings of the Great Lakes by Selwyn Dewney and Kennth E. Kidd

Paddling Nothern Minnesota by Lynne Smith Diebel

Sleeping Island, A Journey to the edge of the Barrens by P. G. Downes

A Paddler’s Guide to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area by Michael Duncanson

The St. Croix –Midwest Border River by James Taylor Dunn

Snowshoes by Sally Edwards & Melissa McKenzie

Paddling Minnesota- Falcon Guide

The Forest For The Trees , How Humans Shaped the North Woods by Jeff Forester

Canoeing a Continent- On the Trail of Alexander McKenzie by Max Finelstein

Paddling the Boreal Forest by Max Finkelstein & James Stone

Indian Creek Chronicles by Pete Fromm

Magic on the Rocks, Canoe Country Pictographs by Michael Furtman

A Love Affair with the U. P. by Cully Gage

Park and Recreation Structures by National Park Service

Logging Town , The Story of Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Building a Birthbark Canoe by David Gidmark

The Grand Portage Story by Carolyn Gilman

Building a strip Canoe by Gilpatrick

The Winter Camping Handbook by Stephen Gorman

A Death on the Barrens- A True Story by George James Grinnell

Lost in the Wild- Danger and Survival in the Northwoods by Cary J. Griffith

Canoeing and Kayaking-ACA- by Laurie Gullion

Discovering Eden, A Lifetime of Paddling Artic Rivers by Alex Hall

Mississippi Solo – A Memoir by Eddy L. Harris

Canoe Racing- The Competitors Guide to Marathon and Downriver Canoe Racing by Peter Heed and Dick Mansfield

A Year in the Maine Woods by Bernd Heinrich

The Northern Horizons of Guy Blanchet, Intrepid Surveyor, 1884-1966 by Gwyneth Hoyle

Canoeing North Into The Unknown-A Record of River Travel: 1874-1974 by Bruce W. Hodgins & Gwyneth Hoyle

The Boundary Waters Wilderness Ecosystem by Miron Heinselman

The Ocean Almanac by Robert Hendrickson

Canoeing North into the Great Unknown- A Record of River Travel: 1874 to 1974 by Bruce W. Hodgins and Gwyneth Hoyle

Tipis / Tepees / Teepees , History and Design of the Cloth Tipi by Linda A. HolleyPaddle-to-the-Sea by Holling Clancy Holling

The Years of the Forest by Helen Hoover

Paddlers Guide to the Sunshine State by Sandy Huff

Expedition Kayaking on Sea & Open Water by Derek C. Hutchinson

Canoeing Wild Rivers- A Primer to North American Expedition Canoeing by Cliff Jacobson
Expedition Canoeing-A Guide to Canoeing Wild Rivers in North America, Twentieth Anniversary Edition by Cliff Jacobson

Canoeing and Camping Beyond the Basics by Cliff Jacobson

Campsite Memories- True Tales from Wild Places by Cliff Jacobson

Boundary Waters Canoe Camping with Style by Cliff Jacobson

Canoeist- Scenarios for Serious Canoeist by Cliff Jacobson

The Canoe, A Living Tradition by John Jennings

Fur Trade and Exploration-Opening the Far Northwest 1821-1852 by Theodore J. Karamanski

Northern Sandscapes- Exploring Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Sand Dunes by Robin and Arlena Karpan

Afloat again, adrift: three voyages on the waters of North America by Andrew Keith

Going Inside- A Couples’ Journey of Renewal into the North by Alan S. Kesselheim

Daughter Father Canoe- Coming of age in the sub-arctic and other stories of Snowdrift River and Nonacho Lake by Rob Kesselring

Ketter Canoeing- Legends and Lore- compiled by Betty Ketter (The Canoe Lady)

The Florida Keys Paddling Guide from Key Largo to Key West by Bill Keogh

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

One Incredible Journey by Clayton Klein and Verlen Kruger ( Record Breaking 7,000 mile canoe across Canada with Verlen and Clint Waddell in 1971 (I also have the video)

Challenge the Wilderness- The Legend of George Elson by Clayton Klein

Cold Summer Wind II, 20 Years of Canoe Camping North of the 60 by Clayton Klein

Down from Basswood by Lynn Maria Laitala

Endurance-Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing

Our Historic Boundary Waters from Lake Superior to Lake of the Woods by Duane R. Lund

The Indian Tipi, It’s History, Construction, and Use by Reginald & Gladys Laubin

When All Hell Breaks Loose by Cody Lundin

98.6 , The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive by Cody Lundin

Canoeing the Churchill, A Practical Guide to the Historic Voyageur Highway by Greg Marchildon and Sid Robinson

Path of the Paddle by Bill Mason

Song of the Paddle by Bill Mason

I also have several videos by Bill Mason

Canoeing Canada’s Northwest Territories – A Paddler’s Guide by Mary McCreadie

Paddle Your Own Canoe by Gary and Joanie McGuffin

Where Rivers Run – A 6,000 mile Exploration of Canada by Canoe by Gary and Joanie McGuffin
True North by Elliott Merrick

-Minnesota Voyageur Trails – Minnesota DNR 1970/72

Freshwater Saga- Memoirs of a Lifetime of Wilderness Canoeing in Canada by Eric W. Morse

Fur Trade Canoe Routes/ Then and Now by Eric W. Morse

Charlotte’s Story by Charlotte Arpin Niedhauk

Sources of the River –Tracking David Thompson across Western North America by Jack Nisbet

Voyages- Canada’s Hertitage Rivers by Lynn E. Noel, Editor

The Voyageur’s Highway by Grace Lee Nute

The Voyaguer by Grace Lee Nute

Minnesota Geology by Richard W. Ojakangas and Charles L. Matsch

Florida’s Fabulous Canoe and Kayak Trail Guide by Tim Ohr and Pete Carmichael

North of Reliance – A Personal Story of Living beyond the Wilderness by Dave Olesen

A Wonderful Country, The Quetico-Superior Stories of Bill Magie by Dave Olesen

The Singing Wilderness by Sigurd F. Olson

Reflection from the North Country by Sigurd F. Olson

Listening Point by Siguard F. Olson

Runes of the North by Siguard F. Olson

Canoe Routes of Ontario – Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

A Journal of a Mississippi River Canoe Adventure, It’s a Long Way for a Beignet by Jim and Carol Otremba

Dangerous River by R. M. Patterson (South Nahanni in the 1920’s)

Exploring the Boundary Waters- A Trip Planner and Guide to the BWCAW by Daniel Pauly

Thelon- A River Sanctuary by David F. Pelly

The Kazan- Journey into the Emerging Land –edited by David F. Pelly, Christopher C. Hanks
The Old Way North : Following the Oberholtzer-Magee Expedition

The North Shore, A Four Season Guide by Shawn Perich

All Things are Possible- The Verlen Kruger Story:100,000 Miles by Paddle by Phil Peterson, Sr.

Into the Great Solitude with Robert Perkins (Video) (Solo Canoe Expedition on the Back River)

One Man’s Wilderness- An Alaskan Odyssey by Sam Keith from the journals and photographs of Richard Proenneke

The Lure of Faraway Places, Reflections on Wilderness and Solitude by Herb Pohl & edited by James Raffan

Betsy and Saganaga; One Life, One Lake by Betsy Powell

Trouble Waters- The Fight for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness- Kevin Proscholdt, Rip Rapson and Miron L. Heinselman

Fire in his Bones – Bill Mason and the Canadian Canoeing Tradition by James Raffan

Rendezvous with the Wild The Boreal Forest by James Raffan

Canoeing Ontario’s River by Ron Reid and Janet Grand

Canoe Country Wilderness –Canoe Trails & Tales from the BWCA , Quetico and Beyound by William N. Rom, M.D.

Coke Stop in Emo – Adventures of a Long Distance Paddler by Alec Ross

Paradise Below Zero by Calvin Rutstrum

Voices of Pokegama by Ann K. Ryan

Early Loggers in Minnesota by J. C. Ryan

Early Loggers in Minnesota-Volume II by J. C. Ryan

Early Loggers in Minnesota-Volume III by J. C. Ryan

Rivers End- A Collection of Bedtime Stories for Paddlers- edited and compiled by Bill Sedivy

Canoeing with the Cree by Eric Severeid

Paradise Creek- A True Story of Adventure in the Canadian Wilderness by David Scott

A Dreamer’s Log Cabin by Laurie Shepherd

A History of Incredible Ely by John W. Somrock

Paddle the Amazon- The Ultimate 12,000 Mile Canoe Adventure by Don Starkell edited by Charles Wilkins
The Man Who Mapped the Arctic by Peter Steele

Crossing Antarctica –Signed by Will Steger on July 26, 1996 and Jon Bowermaster

Canoe Country Flora by Mark Stensaas

Muskeg, Mosquitoes and Moose- It Just Doesn’t Get Better Than This by Joyce Allene Stone

Voyager Country – The Story of Minnesota’s National Park by Robert Treuer

The Florida Keys: A History of the Pioneers Volume 1 by John Viele

The Florida Keys: True Stories of the Perilous Straits Volume 2 by John Viele

The Florida Keys: The Wreckers Volume 3 by John Viele

American Canoe Associations, Knots for Paddlers by Charlie Walbridge

Whitewater Rescue Manual by Charles Walbridge & Wayne A. Sundmacher, Sr.

The Streams and Rivers of Minnesota by Thomas F. Waters

Wilderness Rivers of Manitoba by Hap Wilson & Stephanie Aykroyd

Wilderness Seasons- Life and Adventure in Canada’s North by Ian and Sally Wilson

Wilderness Journey- Reliving the Adventures of Canada’s Voyageurs by Ian and Sally Wilson

Snow Caves for Fun and Survival by Ernest Wilkinson


Complete Guide to Building Log Homes by Monte Burch

Log Construction Manual by Robert W. Chambers

The Real Log Cabin , original text by Chilson D. Aldrich with expanded commentary by Harry Drabik

Logs Wind and Sun by Rex A. Ewing and LaVonne Ewing

Fireplaces by Jane Gitlin

Your Log House, 4th Edition by Vic Jansen

The Owner-Built Log House by B.Allan Mackie

Building with Logs by B. Allan Mackie

Notches of All Kinds, A book of timber joinery by B. Allan Mackie

Stonework by Charlie McRaven

Building with Stone by Charles McRaven

The Handbook of Canadian Log Building by F. Dan Milne

The Craft of Lof Building by Herman Phleps

The Log Home Maintenance Guide by Gary Schroeder

Timber Frame Joinery & Design Workbook

Timber Frame Joinery and Design Volume 2

Building the Alaska Log Home by Tom Walker


United States Air Force Search and Rescue Survival Training AF Regulation 64-4

U. S. Army Map Reading and Land Navigation Handbook by the Department of the Army

Wilderness Navigation by Bob and Michael Burns

GPS Land Navigation by Michael Ferguson

Map and Compass by Cliff Jacobson

Land Navigation Handbook by W. S. Kals

Be Expert with Maps and Compass by Bjorn Kjellstrom

GPS Made Easy by Lawrence Letham


Instinctive Shooting by G. Fred Asbell

Tree Stand Hunting by Paul Brunner

Giant Whitetails –A Lifetime of Lessons by Mary & Terry Drury

The Great American Bear by Jeff Fair

Deer-The Wildlife Series edited by Duane Gerlach, Sally Atwater & Judith Schnell

White tailed Deer, Ecology and Management by Lowell K. Hall

Mapping Trophy Bucks by Brad Herndon

Deer & Deer Hunting edited by Al Hofacker

Balance Bowhunting by Dave Holt

A Practical Guide to Producing and Harvesting White tail Deer by Dr. James Kroll

The Book of Primitive Archery by Jay Massey

The Bowyers Craft by Jay Massey

Black Bears by Bob McGuire

Aggressive White-tail Hunting by Greg Miller

Proving Whitetail Tactics by Greg Miller

Moonstruck by Jeff Murray

Black Bear Baiting & Hunting by Dr. Ken Norberg

For Bucks Only by North American Hunting Club

The Deer of North America by Leonard Rue

Hunting Rutting Whitetails by Gene Wensel


The Tractor Builders by John D. Culbertson

Guide to Hart-Parr, Oliver, and White Farm Tractors 1901-1996 by Larry Gay

Oliver Farm Tractor by T. Herbert Morrell & Jeff Hackett

Plows & Planting Implemenys by April Halberstadt

Field Guide to Farmell Tractors by Robert N. Pripps

Oliver Tractors-History of Oliver, Hart-Parr, Cockshutt & Cletrac Tractors by Robert N. Pripps

Oliver Tractors by Sherry Schaefer & Jeff Hackett

Everything I Know About Women, I Learned from my Tractor by Roger Welsch

From Tinkering to Torquing, A Bebinners Guide to Tractors & Tools by Roger Welsch

Tractor Trilogy- Old Tractors and the Men who Love Them, Busted Tractors and Rusty Knuckles, Love, Sex and Tractors by Roger Welsch

Old Tractors Never Die by Roger Welsch

How to Rebuild and Restore Farm Tractor Engines by Spencer Yost

Antique Tractor Bible by Spencer Yost



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