Sunday, September 14, 2008

Still working on my Wabakimi Trip Report...

I still have been working on my Wabakimi trip report. I've finished typing up the first draft from my journal. So far the report is 57 pages long. Yes, its has more detail that I thought it was going to have. I guess I'm more detail oriented than most, due to my occupation.

Here are some more facts about the trip:

Distance: 231.5 km (145 miles)

Portages: 44

Swifts paddled: 23

Swifts / Rapids lined or tracked: 9

Pull overs: 3

I haven't posted all the photos that I want to post on my other blog from the trip ,so I don't have a number on them.

This past week I've been going to the health club to lift weights more now that I'm winding down from the competitive paddling. I think I only went paddling twice, Monday and Saturday, for two hours each day. I've been cycling and running, too.


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