Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Leave for the AuSable in the morning...

Well, I left work early today. I took and hour and a half of vacation so I could get in a paddle before getting all packed. I planned to paddle an hour, but I did 1:55. I planned to get all packed, but it's not in the Suburban, yet. I guess I was more interested in paddling.

Today at the landing I ran into Gene Jensen's brother, Don. I asked Don if he had any old brochures of an old race that was held in the past. He told me he did and that he would e-mail a copy when he got home. I received the PDF file and I will see if I can post it after I get back from Michigan. I wasn't going to tell you which race it was until later , but it's a brochure on the 1949 Tenth Annual Mando-Aquatennial Canoe Derby. This race went from Bemidji to the Twin Cities.

Yesterday, I went for a 30 minute run. I also did eight one minute intervals within that 30 minutes. Today, as I mentioned, I paddled 1:55 with four one minute intervals.

Tomorrow will be a traveling day. On Thursday we plan to check out the Mio cuts and watch the sprints.

I talked to Lee Jarpey and Keith Canny today who are in Grayling. They told me the water level is up in the river. They have paddled the Mio cuts during the day and tonight they were going to do the cuts and the stump field in a night paddle.

Well, I guess I really should do some packing.


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