Saturday, May 23, 2020

More Backyard Critters... 05-22-20

Here are some images of some of the backyard critters from the past couple days. Yesterday I saw an Indigo Bunting on one of my tube feeders. He was eating on the backside of the feeder so all I could see was the bottom half of his body. I decided not to post an image of just the rump and tail feathers. I sat for a few minutes after it flew off to see if he would return, but I never saw it again. While sitting the hummingbird showed up, but it didn't stick around long enough to get a shot. The hummingbird that I posted was from a couple days ago. I also took down the platform feeder. It simply was being overrun with Red-winged Blackbirds and Starlings. The blackbird pictures were taken before I removed the platform feeder. I felt sorry for the Mourning Dove coming back and not finding his favorite place to eat...other than the ground. I haven't thrown anymore extra seed on the ground...again to discourage the other two types of birds. I'll return the platform feeder in a few days. The squirrels have been kept at bay with the three homemade baffles on my thinner bird feeder poles... the picture of the squirrel is when he was seeing if he could get on the feeder from above.... The American Goldfinch was practicing some security by holding on while getting close to the edge of the top of the feeder.


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