Sunday, February 3, 2019

CC Adventure 2018 Bike Tour

Catherine and I took a bike tour to northern Wisconsin in August 2018. Although, we had talked about doing a tour together for sometime now, we just hadn’t done it.

I started to put a route together that I would do if Catherine couldn’t make it this year (2018). It was a planned eight day tour to northern Wisconsin. Then at the end of July Catherine and I did a couple 200k Randonneur bike rides out of Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

We stayed at the Black River Falls State Campground. Catherine asked the woman who helped us about some other campgrounds in Wisconsin. She told us if we got a chance to go to Copper Falls that we should go and check it out.

When we got back Catherine took the routes that I had made and changed them up to re-route us to the north of Mellen, Wisconsin where Copper Falls State Falls is located.

It was still an eight day bike tour, but while we were on the road we extended the tour by one day. We cut day 3 short because of a heavy rain storm.

Here are our mileages from the trip: Total 579.12 miles

Day 1: Thursday, 08-02-18, Home to Interstate State Park (Wisconsin) - 62.8 miles

Day 2: Friday, 08-03-18, Interstate State Park to Barron County Park, Chetek, WI - 67.75 miles

Day 3: Saturday, 08-04-18, Chetek, WI to East River Run Campground, Ladysmith, WI - 35.52 miles

Day 4: Sunday, 08-05-18, East River Run Campground to Connors Lake State Campground (Flambeau River State Forest) - 59.11 miles

Day 5: Monday, 08-06-18, Connors Lake State Campground to Mellen, WI Coppers Falls State Campground - 62.83 miles

Day 6: Tuesday, 08-07-18, Copper Falls to Camp Namakagon, Springbrook, WI - 86.15 miles

Day 7: Wednesday, 08-08-18, Camp Namakagon to Luck, WI - 109.79 miles

Day 8: Thursday, 08-09-18, Luck, WI to William O’Brien State Park - 41.65 miles

Day 9: Friday, 08-10-18, William O’Brien State Park to Home - 53.52 miles

Catherine put together a movie from the videos and photos we took on our bike tour. The movie is about 24 minutes long... I think you'll enjoy it. Catherine did an excellent job putting it all together.

 CC Adventure 2018
CC Adventure 2018

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Unknown said...

Just finished watching the video. Very well done. I was very impressed. You both seemed to have had a totally wonderful adventure.

- Paul L.