Saturday, January 27, 2018

Crow-Creek Winter All-Roads Adventure

 On 01-27-16 I led my Crow-Creek Winter All-Roads Adventure from Champlin, MN. It was the same three riders as last Fall when I held this ride. It was Paul, Rick and I.

Just like last fall there was a strong westerly wind. My Garmin had an average temperature of 27 degrees. Since we were headed to the west meant that we had a headwind or cross wind for 32 miles until we took a break at Dunn Brothers in St. Michael. Once we got some coffee and something to eat we were in for a quick ride back to the start location.

Thanks to Paul and Rick for showing up to ride today. It actually was a good day for a bike ride. The roads were mostly clear of any snow and ice.  There were just a few places on the approximately 8 miles of gravel roads that had any ice. It was a pleasure to ride clear roads again after riding on ice and sloppy snow this past week after the big snowstorm last Monday.

Paul (L) Rick (R)

Paul (L) Me (R)

Chuck and Paul

This was our first stretch of gravel/hard pack dirt

Paul and Rick

                                                           Youtube:  Paul and Rick

Rick and Paul on the Historic Bridge over the Crow River in Hanover.

Paul and me

I was hungry when I got to the coffee shop..about mile 32

Paul took my phone and gave it to some woman and asked her to take a picture of us.

 Chuck Ryan


Unknown said...

Thank you again Chuck, for a wonderful morning ride. Those who didn't join us missed out!

CIIcanoe said...

Thanks Paul! It was a good day for a bike ride! Thanks to you and Rick for coming to the ride...