Sunday, January 20, 2013

Night Photography...Minneapolis & St. Paul

I've been on three more walks at night, since I last posted some night shots to my blog. On 12-24-12 I went out on a very, very cold evening to St. Paul and got a few shots. I would have liked to stayed out longer and just walked around downtown St. Paul to see what I could get, but it just wasn't the evening for it. I think I came out with some good shots. The first three shots on this blog post are from 12-24-12...there are more posted on my website.  

 The next three images are from 01-04-13. More images posted on my website....One place I stopped was at the Capitol building in St. Paul, MN. I was going to get some more shots of the Capitol, but there was some outside construction with some enclosed scaffolding that just wouldn't enhance the image. I got some nice shots of the Peace Officers image is one posted in B & W here. I also have the same image in color as well as other shots of the memorial on my website.

 On Friday, 01-18-13 I was back in Minneapolis trying to locate some different views of the Minneapolis skyline. I located one area to the west of the city and another to the east. I got permission to shoot from the location to the east of the city. This person also told me about another area and gave me permission to shoot from there also...although this other area was right in the middle of the city so I couldn't get an overall skyline view of the city. Another area I checked out was along the Mississippi River, but I wasn't able to get a shot. I followed a small opening/trail through some brush that ended. From where I was standing in the brush it looked like it was a steep drop to the river so I left without exploring any further. I'll have to go back in the day time when it will be safer to check it out. My intentions for the shot I wanted was to be up I really don't want to go down any further.

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