Monday, December 26, 2011

Border Symmetry's "Natural Beauty" Photo Shoot

Heather Lea, model and event planner for the Facebook group, Border Symmetry, wanted to put together some photo shoots with the concept of "Natural Beauty".

The idea was to have two look being simply some sort of white underwear and the second look to be a simle dress of a neutral color. Although Melissa and Heather opted to have some fabric formed into dresses by Amy Frisch in the dressing room just before the shoot.

I was in one group with one other photographer. There were to be four models, but we only ended up with Melissa and Heather on the day of the shoot, Sunday, 12-18-11.

I photographed Heather for the first half of the shoot, then the models switched photographers. The second half of the shoot I got to photograph Melissa wearing her brown fabric/dress.

Chuck Ryan Photography (Model Mayhem)

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