Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dani Wilde...with "Girls with Guitars" spotted me in the the Bayfront Blues Festival

On Day 2 of the Bayfront Blues Festival I was photographing the "Blues Caravan-Girls with Guitars" from the crowd when I began photographing Dani Wilde. Sometimes I will keep my camera, Nikon D700 with my 70-200 mm 2.8 lens, up to my eye for a considerable amount of time to capture a certain look or to get several looks.

Dani stepped away from the microphone and began playing her guitar. She didn't realize I was photographing her at the start, then she noticed me. The lens is a fairly large lens. She continues to play and looks away, but then she locks onto me again. This time I moved the camera away from my eye and gave her a smile. Once the "ice" was broken she was back doing what she does....

I thought it would be interesting to show this series of images.

Thank you Dani...

I'll have more images of the ladies later. I ,also, saw these ladies the next week at the Big Bull Falls Blues Festival in Wausau.

It's about this time I move the camera away from my face and gave her a smile....

Now she's saying to herself...on with the show!

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