Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boat Fire near Channel # 5 Bridge

While I was in the Florida Keys I was driving back from the Theater of the Sea one day when I came across a boat on fire near the Channel 5 Bridge. I stopped and took some photos.

While stopped a car pulled up and a lady told me she was at her mother’s on the other side of the bridge when they saw all the smoke. She told me they noticed the smoke about a half hour earlier and decided to drive over and check out the problem.

We talked a bit and they wondered if I was with the News and I replied , no, that I was just taking photos.

She asked if I was going to post any photos so I gave her the information on my blog and told her I would post some of them.

Later, I read this was a 51 foot boat and if I recall there was a man and a woman on board.

So to the couple that I spoke to along side of the road here are a couple photos.


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