Saturday, January 24, 2009

Basic Digital Photography Class Composition Homework Assignment

Last Tuesday evening, 01-20-09, I had my first Beginning Digital Photography class. John Pennoyer was the instructor. This course is held at the IFP Minnesota for Media Arts in St. Paul. It’s held four times and each class is 3 hours long.
John Pennoyer:

There are 8 of us in the class. I was going to start off with the intermediate class; but there weren’t enough people signed up, so I decided to start at the beginning.

Our first homework assignment was Composition. We were to find a horizontal subject and then shoot our best horizontal composition, then centered horizontal composition and last a vertical composition of the same subject.

The vertical subject we are to do the same. Shoot the best vertical composition, centered vertical composition and then a horizontal composition.

I went out today when the temperature warmed up to 0 degrees. I went to the Coon Rapids Dam in Brooklyn Park to take my horizontal subject composition shots. Well, here they are:

Best Horizontal Composition
Centered Horizontal Composition

Vertical Composition of my horizontal subject.
Tomorrow, I'll look for a vertical subject.

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