Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1949 Mando-Aquatennial Canoe Derby Brochure

Here is the brochure I got from Gene Jensen's brother just before I went to Michigan to do the marathon. It was a PDF file and I couldn't post it.

Matt Ahonen found my blog and read about the brochure that I had and offered to help me. Matt also told me his grandfather, Will Ahonen, was in this race.

Here is some information from of a couple e-mails from Matt which he gave me permission to post.

"My grandfather raced from Bemidji to Minneapolis in the late 40's early 50's and ended up taking second to Estes and Jensen. They had a canvas canoe and Estes and Jensen were in a racing canoe so they didn't stand a chance. I am not sure who it was, but they passed my grandfather while one of them had their feet up in the bow peeling an orange. "

Update: "One thing about the race, my dad isn't sure what place they finished, but he doesn't think it was second."

"My grandfather was Will Ahonen and his partner was Royal "Jake" Oyster. Jake had his hand slammed in gate by a bull a couple days before the race so he had a tough paddle. My grandfather was born in Winton and then moved to Grand Rapids to work at the U of M Ag School as a herdsman."

"I am 99.9% certain that my grandpa is in the stern on the 13 canoe in the foreground of the picture on the third page. "


Matt Ahonen

Moorhead, MN

Thank you Matt for your help and the information on your grandfather.

Chuck Ryan

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