Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Anoka Pedestrian Tunnel Artwork 04-01-20

I stopped at the stone structure that Thaddeus Giddings built in the early 1900's, when I went through Anoka, MN on my 20 mile bike ride today. I also walked the Anoka Pedestrian Tunnel with my Go Pro.

Chuck Ryan

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Turkeys 03-21-20

Four Wild Turkeys on my bike ride on Saturday, 03-21-20.

Chuck Ryan

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Hugo Moose Adventure Bike Ride 03-07-20

This was a 63 mile bike ride from Hugo, MN up to Lindstrom where we took our coffee break at the Northwoods Roasterie.

Chuck Ryan

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Wisconsin Backroads - Hudson 03-08-20

This was a 70 mile ride on road bikes from Hudson which took us on some roads around the Hudson, River Falls and Roberts area. It was a very windy day, too.

Chuck Ryan

Little "Tom" Turkey 03-13-20

We came across Little "Tom" Turkey toward the end of our bike ride today...

Chuck Ryan

Immature Bald Eagle 03-11-20

I was finishing up my bike ride and saw an immature Bald Eagle...I was interrupting his meal...

Chuck Ryan

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Monday, February 24, 2020

"New Rolling Brook 64" Bike Ride 02-23-20

Scott, the “other” Chuck and I rode the 64 mile version of my New Rolling Brook ride out of Hudson,WI. Normally I’ll ride the 77 mile version in the summer, so I don’t ride this route too often. We were all on our gravel bikes with gravel tires. There was still some snow/ice on the roads in spots especially where the trees block the sun from hitting the roadway. Our first break was at the Dunn Brothers at mile 30. Two of us had coffee, but all three had a breakfast sandwich. The second break at the Bass Lake Cheese (mile 53) was a welcome sight after riding into a brisk westerly wind. Today we saw plenty of wildlife. Nine deer, 9 flying Trumpeter Swans with more in the fields, 4 or 5 eagles depending on who you talk to . There were 4 squirrels, but I stopped counting them after seeing our first group of five deer. Sometimes all I see are squirrels. I'll eventually do a movie of the ride today. It was a good day for a bike ride….

Chuck Ryan

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Going Somewhere... 02-17-20

This was a 41 mile bike ride that was mostly on paved roads, but there were a couple miles of some gravel roads. We started at Highpointe Park in Champlin, MN. Coffee break at the Caribou Coffee in Maple Grove.

Chuck Ryan

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Another Coffee Run Bike Ride 02-15-20

Paul, the "other Chuck" and I rode our gravel bikes on another one of my all - roads rides from Champlin, MN. This was a 55 mile ride with a stop for coffee and a breakfast sandwich at the Dunn Brothers in St. Michael, MN. A good day for a bike ride...

Chuck Ryan

Fat Bike, Again... 02-11-20

Fat Bike on the Rush Creek Trail over to the Coon Rapids Dam...

Chuck Ryan

Friday, February 14, 2020

Nina's Spin Bike Ride 11-15-19

Catherine and I rode a 51 mile ride around the St. Paul/Mpls area on Friday, 11-15-19 starting from Nina's Coffee Cafe in St. Paul. This short movie has some pictures of Catherine and a short video of a Wild Turkey we encountered on the ride.

Chuck Ryan

Foxy Falafel Bike Ride 11-01-19

On 11-01-19 Catherine led a 50 mile bike ride starting from Nina's Coffee Cafe in St. Paul going around the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. The "other" Chuck and I showed up to ride. We took our break at the Foxy Falafel. Prior to the break Catherine was having an issue with one of her tires. When we were done with break we asked the owners of a coffee shop around the corner if we could come inside from the cold to do some work on both of her tires. I remember I had some issues with my GoPro that wouldn't record due to the early season colder temperatures.

Chuck Ryan

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Zumbro Gravel Challenge 200k Bike Ride 09-21-19

Zumbro Gravel Challenge 200k bike ride with the Minnesota Randonneurs on 09-21-19 out of Zumbrota, MN.

*** I finally decided to post this ride/movie. When I recorded this ride I had my GoPro for about one month and I hadn’t had very much experience with it. I recorded this ride with the GoPro mounted to my handlebars, but a better option might have been to use a chest mount to smooth out the camera shake. I could have maybe used a different camera setting, too.***

The video does give the viewer a taste of the ride if you can put up with some camera shake...

Chuck Ryan

Black Hills Bike Tour Day 6: Hill City to Rapid City, SD 09-08-19

This was the last day of my Black Hills Bike Tour. I rode from the Crooked Creek Campground in Hill City back to where I parked my vehicle in Rapid City, SD.

Chuck Ryan

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Black Hills Bike Tour Day 5: Game Lodge Campground, Custer State Park to Keystone to Hill City, SD

Black Hills Bike Tour Day 5 of 6: Game Lodge Campground, Custer State Park to Keystone, SD where I rode up to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, then continued on to the Crooked Creek Campground in Hill City.

Chuck Ryan

Black Hills Bike Tour Day 4: Hot Springs, SD to the Game Lodge Campround, Custer State Park

Day 4 of 6...Riding from Hot Springs, SD through the Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park which includes my ride through 400 to 500 Bison with a close encounter with one of them. I don't need to be riding through anymore Bison herds anytime soon...

Chuck Ryan

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Black Hills Bike Tour Day 3: Hill City to Hot Springs, SD.

Black Hills Bike Tour (South Dakota) Day 3: Hill City to Hot Springs. Today was a combination of the Mickelson Trail, then some gravel roads heading to Kemo Sabay campground north of downtown Hot Springs. Just a few miles of some paved roads when I rode into Hot Springs looking for some food and coffee. After I when down hill into Hot Springs I stopped at the visitor center and found most if not all of the coffee shops and restaurants close at 2 pm except the one at the top of the hill from the direction I just came. I ended up going to a grocery store and ate a large store bought meal. On the way back up hill to the campsite I stopped at the Dew Drop Inn Cafe for another meal. I really should have stopped here to begin with...I didn't need to stop because I was already full, but I did anyways...

Chuck Ryan

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Fat Bike Ride... 02-09-20

There was a few inches of fresh snow this morning in Champlin, MN. So what does that mean was a fat bike morning. It was a short ride, but it was still a good day for a bike ride...

Chuck Ryan

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Gravel Bike Friday Bike Ride 02-07-20

Paul, the other Chuck and I rode a version of my 58 mile “Gravel Bike Friday” All - Roads ride from Champlin, MN. We headed north to ride some paved and gravel roads of Anoka and Sherburne County. It’s been a couple winter seasons since I’ve led a ride on some of these roads.

There was a thin layer of snow this morning that made any ice underneath very slippery. Today was another day that studded tires were necessary especially when we got to the ice covered gravel roads. Even with 35- 38mm studded tires and after letting out some air there were a few sections where we needed to get off the bikes and walk. Even with the lower tire pressure we were still loosing traction…it was slow going. 

It was 37 miles before we took our break at the Dunn Brothers in Elk River. Everyone had a breakfast sandwich and whatever they wanted to drink…I had a coffee.

Chuck Ryan

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Sand Plains "Elements" Bike Ride... 02-03-20

Paul and I rode a 42 mile version of my Sand Plains”Elements” bike ride today. We started in Champlin, MN and rode up into Anoka County on some icy trails and roads that froze over night from yesterday’s high temperatures that caused lots of snow melt.

We saw a total of 11 deer of which 10 were in one group in a mostly residential area. Unfortunately, they look very small on the GoPro. We also came across a large smiling snow cat that looked large. It was a good day for studded tires and... a good day for a bike ride.

Chuck Ryan

Buffalo All - Roads Bike Ride... 02-01-20

Gravel bike ride on paved and gravel roads from Champlin, MN to Buffalo and back... Most of the video is up to our break at the Dunn Brothers Coffee in Buffalo, MN.

Chuck Ryan

Another Avant Garden Coffee Day... 01-30-20

Chuck Ryan

Going Somewhere Saturday... 01-25-20

A 52 mile ride on some roads to the west of Champlin, MN. Coffee break was at the Dunn Brothers in St. Michael, MN.

Chuck Ryan

Unsafe Driver... 01-24-20

Details in the video....Anoka, MN.

Chuck Ryan

"Fat Tuesday" Fat Bike Ride... 01-21-20

A fat bike ride on the Rum River Regional Trail in Anoka, MN.

Chuck Ryan

Back on the Fat... 01-20-20

Fat bike ride on the Rush Creek Regional Trail over to the Coon Rapids Dam.

Chuck Ryan

Coffee Run Bike Ride... 01-06-20

Riding some roads to the west of Champlin, MN with a stop at the Dunn Brothers Coffee in St. Michael.

Chuck Ryan

Going Somewhere Saturday... 01-04-20

This was a 53 mile version of my "Going Somewhere Saturday" riding the roads to the west of Champlin, MN. We took our break at the Dunn Brothers in St. Michael. Riders: Catherine, Liesa, Paul, the other Chuck and I.

Chuck Ryan

Rush to the Dam & Beyond... 12-30-19

Fat bike ride around the Champlin, MN area with a stop at Avant Garden in Anoka, MN.

Chuck Ryan

Winter All - Roads Bike Ride... 12-21-19

This shows the conditions of the gravel roads with the hard packed snow and ice on today's "All - Roads" bike ride with Paul and the other Chuck. This section was near Corcoran, MN. The ride started in Champlin, MN and was 55 miles long with a coffee stop at the Dunn Brothers in St. Michael, MN. I'm riding my Seven Evergreen SL with 38mm studded tires. (Paul and the other Chuck are seen toward the end of the video)

Chuck Ryan

Fat Biking... 12-31-19

A short 12 mile fat bike ride around the Champlin/Maple Grove and Elm Creek Park area. (Minnesota)

Chuck Ryan

Sunday, January 19, 2020

After the snowfall fat bike ride...01-18-20

My fat bike ride around the Champlin/Maple Grove/Elm Creek Park area of Minnesota after about 5 inches of snow from the night before.


Facebook: Charles W. Ryan II

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Fat Bike & the Coon Rapids Dam


I went for a shorter fat bike ride this morning after last nights snow fall. It looked like we got about 5 inches. Most of the roads were already plowed which made for some easy riding. I rode some of the trails near my house, but there were some that hadn't been plowed, so I stuck to the roads.  The temperature dropped about 15 degrees and a strong NW wind developed while I was out riding.


Later on in the afternoon I took my fat bike over to the Coon Rapids Dam on the Brooklyn Park, MN side to take a few pictures. Here are those images...


Facebook: Charles W. Ryan II

Monday, January 13, 2020

Minnesota Randonneurs Hills of Wisconsin 200k RUSA Brevet

I finally got my new computer 2 to 3 weeks ago and I have figured out a couple things on iMovie, so here is a movie from my ride on 10-19-2019 out of New Richmond, WI.

I've made a couple other videos that I've posted on my Facebook page, so eventually I'll upload those videos to YouTube and post them here...hopefully soon.